Crane Clamp Lifting Tong

The crane clamp lifting tong is a device for taking objects by clamping force between jaws or supporting heavy objects with the shape of jaws. The clamp is mainly composed of lifting beam, connecting plate, opening and closing mechanism, synchronizer, clamp arm, support plate and clamp teeth.

Product Introduction

There are two kinds of crane clamp lifting tongs: lever clamp and eccentric clamp. The ability of lever clamp to hold objects depends on the friction force generated at the jaw by the normal force generated by the lever at the jaw; the eccentric clamp is the normal force produced by the tension of eccentric block, and the friction force generated by normal force between the jaw, eccentric block and the clamping object. The work is very reliable and the clamping force is always proportional to the weight of the lifted load. It can be unloaded automatically and has high working efficiency. For lifting objects of different shapes and specifications, different clamp shapes are required. Dejun tongs are designed and manufactured according to your working conditions to meet your needs.

crane clamp lifting tong drawing

Technical Data

Crane Clamp Lifting Tong
Type Billet clamp, slab clamp
Structure Lifting beam, connecting rod and hoist
Application Clamp, fasten, or hoisting
Customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


crane clamp lifting tong is widely used in metallurgy, transportation, railway, port, and other industries.

Main Parts

  • 1
    Hanging Beam, The lifting beam is a component connected with the hook of the crown block. It has three kinds of structures, i.e. ring shackle connection, sling type connection and lug type connection.
  • 2
    Connecting Rod, The connecting rod is the connecting part between the lifting beam and the tong arm. Opening and closing mechanism
  • 3
    Synchronizer, Synchronizer is a device to ensure the synchronous action of clamp arms.
  • 4
    Clamp Arm, The clamp arm is the main force increasing part of the fixture, through which the billet is clamped.
  • 5
    Buttress, The support plate is the support of the billet fixture. The support plate is supported on the upper surface of the billet to ensure the smooth operation of the opening and closing mechanism of the billet clamp.
  • 6
    Jaw, There are pin shaft connection type, swallow tail connection type and groove type plug-in type. The clamp teeth are the main parts that directly contact with the billet, which determines the reliability of the billet clamping fixture.


Dejun crane clamp lifting tong is widely used in metallurgy, transportation, railway, port, and other industries.

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