European Type Double Girder Overhead Cranes

Type QDX
Capacity 5 ton -320 tons (customized)
Span 5m- 60m(customized)
Applications The lifting weight ranges from 3.2 ton to 320 ton with electric hoist trolley.It can be designed non-standard that can meet meet various working conditions. This crane has a wide range of applications, including indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industries, railway transportation, high-tech intensive industries, maintenance workshops, production workshops, etc.

Product Introduction

European type double girder overhead cranes are manufactured using FEM and DIN design standards, and have become a new type of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly lifting equipment with its outstanding durability and high-quality cost-effectiveness. His lifting range is 3.2 ton to 320 ton, widely used in dust-free workshops, indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industries, railway transportation, high-tech intensive industries.

European type double girder overhead crane

Technical Data

QDX Series European Type Double Girder Overhead Crane
Working Class A5-A8
Capacity t 5~320
Span m 5~60
Lifting Height m 3~100
Lifting Speed m/min 0.8~8,Dual Speed or VFD
Trolley Travelling Speed m/min 2~20,VFD
Crane Travelling Speed m/min 4~40,VFD
Control Method Ground or Cab Control
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3PHASE or Customized
Temperature -20~60
Protection Grade IP54~65
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


European type double girder overhead crane is suitable for automotive parts manufacturing, indoor and outdoor industrial and mining enterprises, steel and chemical industries, railway transportation, high-tech intensive industries.


  • 1
    The crane end beam adopts torsion box structure.
  • 2
    Epoxy zinc-rich paint, two bottoms and two sides, long life, beautiful appearance, good gloss.
  • 3
    The connection between the main beam and the end beam meets the mechanical tolerances, minimizing the degree of wear.
  • 4
    The lifting mechanism has a compact structure, which makes the hook stroke more reasonable and the working range is wider.
  • 5
    Safety sliding contact line power supply, equipped with phase loss protection function.
  • 6
    Use a highly flexible flat cable to supply power to the trolley, and have a grounding protection function.
  • 7
    The flashlight door can be connected to the trolley, or it can move freely on the main beam alone.
  • 8
    Large and small cars adopt three-in-one drive mechanism, frequency conversion stepless speed regulation, stable starting and braking.
  • 9
    Combined with anti-sway technology, high-precision positioning of lifting items can be realized.
  • 10
    Safe and reliable, with more than ten protection measures such as overheating protection, overload protection and phase sequence protection. In addition, it can also be equipped with a safety monitor to realize multiple functions according to user requirements.
  • 11
    The components of this crane are the main beam, the end beam, the lifting unit, and the four parts of the electrical control. It adheres to the concept of maximizing the smallest parts and the whole machine is maintenance-free.
  • 12
    The main beam adopts a double main beam box structure, and the track adopts cold drawn special rail steel, which has low height, good straightness and flatness, ensuring stable operation of the trolley, increasing the wheel contact area, reducing wheel pressure, and extending the wheel Service life.
  • 13
    The end beam adopts automatic welding to form a rectangular tube at one time, with good mechanical performance and stable quality.
  • 14
    The wheels of the double-beam bridge crane are made of 40Cr, 45# steel forging or HT200 ductile iron, which has high strength, large pressure, and the smallest wheel diameter.
  • 15
    The whole vehicle can be driven by frequency conversion, which can start, run and stop smoothly without impact.
  • 16
    The trolley of the European-style double beam bridge crane is small in size and easy to install, which maximizes the net lifting height and saves material stacking space and plant construction costs.
  • 17
    Control method consists of pendant control, cabin control and wireless remote control, and also can be used in conbination.


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