Double Girder Gantry Crane

Type MG
Capacity 3 tons-900 tons(customized)
Lifting height 3m- 100m(customized)
working class A5,A6, A7, A8
Applications various industries, such as:open warehouse or along rail for general material handling and lifting work, freight yard or dock, etc.

Product Introduction

Double girder bridge gantry cranes are usually used for loading, unloading, and carrying work in open-air warehouses or along railways. It is mainly composed of main beam, trolley, crane traveling mechanism and electrical system.
The double girder bridge gantry crane can be equipped with different spreaders, such as grabs, electromagnets, clamps, etc. according to the things to be hoisted.
Operation mode is remote control or cabin control

Double girder bridge gantry crane drawing

Technical Data

Double Girder Gantry Crane
Working Class A5~A8
Capacity t 3~900
Span m 5~60
Lifting Height m 3~100
Lifting Speed m/min 6~15.6,Single or Dual Speed
Trolley Travelling Speed m/min 20~44.6,Single Speed or VFD
Crane Travelling Speed m/min 28~44,Single Speed or VFD
Control Method Ground or Cab Control
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3PHASE or Customized
Temperature -20~60
Protection Grade IP54~65
Optional Spreader Hook, Grab, Electromagnet, Hanging Beam, C-hook, Lifting Tong. etc.
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Double girder gantry crane is suitable for the steel industry, oil and gas industry, energy industry, paper industry, power industry, automobile industry and manufacturing industry.etc.


  • 1
    The main beam, ground beam and outrigger are made of high-quality carbon steel Q235B or Q345B.
  • 2
    The main beam is box type.
  • 3
    The main welding is automatic submerged arc welding, non-destructive testing.
  • 4
    High load capacity.
  • 5
    The ground beam and outrigger are connected by high-strength bolts.
  • 6
    The ground beam is equipped with buffers and track cleaning devices.
  • 7
    The reducer adopts a hard-tooth surface reducer, which has a compact structure and is durable.
  • 8
    Modular design, easy to install.
  • 9
    Equipped with anti-derailment device.
  • 10
    The winch trolley uses flat cables for power supply, which runs smoothly and has good electrical conductivity.
  • 11
    The winch trolley is equipped with overload alarm device, lifting limiter and running limiter.
  • 12
    If it is used outdoors, the winch trolley is equipped with rain cover.
  • 13
    Crane installation of anti-collision and sound and light alarm.
  • 14
    Convenient operation and easy to learn.
  • 15
    The remote control is a telecrane brand made in Taiwan.
  • 16
    Cabin control is ergonomic, safe and comfortable.
  • 17
    Low voltage protection device, emergency stop action, ground fault protection, short circuit protection, overheating protection.
  • 18
    Light weight, stable operation.
  • 19
    Connect to main power.
  • 20
    Good electrical conductivity.
  • 21
    Easy to install.


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