European Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist

Lifting Capacity  1 ton ~25 ton, 20 ton -80 ton
Lifting Height  3~100m
Working Class  M5, M6, M7
Ambient Temperature  -20℃-40℃
Applications  It is used in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, freight yards and other material handling places and it is an essential machine to improve labor efficiency and improve working conditions.

Product Introduction

European wire rope electric hoist is a new type of electric hoist with light weight, modularity, maintenance-free and high-tech content based on the introduction and digestion of foreign advanced technology. It adopts imported configuration, new materials and new technology according to the FEM, DIN and IEC standards. Customized European wire rope electric hoist are available.

European wire rope electric hoist

Technical Data

European Type Wire Rope Electric Hoist
Working Class M5-M7
Capacity t 1~25
Lifting Height m 3-100
Lifting Speed m/min 0.8/5, dual speed
Travelling Speed m/min 3~30,VFD CONTROL
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3Phase or Customized
Temperature -20~60
Control Method Pendent/Remote Control
Protection Grade IP54~65
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


European electric wire rope hoist usually used in industry of machinery production, assembling, petrochemicals, warehouse logistics, electric power construction, papermaking and railways.


  • 1
    Special Compact Low Headroom Configuration
    With modularized structural design, optimized force distribution, high quality material and reducing the affiliates, it enables us to minimized the dimension and make it more compact. Meantime the biggest approaching dimension and light dead weight can reduce at least 1000mm on the workshop height. Therefore it reduces client’s investment on the workshop structure and foundation, and then reduces the maintenance cost on the heating system and ventilation system.
  • 2
    Dual Speed & Inverter Speed Control
    The application of dual speed and inverter speed control on hoisting and traveling control system makes the speed comform to the command of operator, and makes the transferring of high speed and low speed smooth and precise. Fast and precise positioning highly improves the safety of process, makes work smooth and efficient, and then bring high performance and productive capacity.
  • 3
    Electric Control Box
    Schneider, Siemens and other international famous electric components, with concise and reasonable wiring, multiple protections, IP64 protection level, no noise, stable performance, the cover can be opened in 120 degree and easy to maintenance.
  • 4
    Lifting Driver Unit
    High strength aluminum alloy integration housing, light weight, small volume, good heat conduction, free from maintenance design. Class H insulation, IP65 protection level(special configuration requires special explanation).
  • 5
    Operation Mechanism
    Motor, reducer and brake are integrated into one body, so its structure is compact. Speed adjusts by frequency conversion, so its operation is smooth, stable and free from impact,maintenance and design. It is of class H insulation at IP65 protection level(for special configuration, explanation shall be required.)
  • 6
    Agility operation, stable performance, little abrasion and long service life, one million switch for the first warranty. Two sides non asbestos brake pad(optional critical abrasion indication function.)
  • 7
    Rope Guide
    It is made of high strength, wear-resistant, self-lubrication engineer used nylon, so its weight is light, and volume is small and it effectively extends the service life of roll and steel wire rope.
  • 8
    Aircraft-grade connector, the contact is extremely stable, no false connection, above IP65 protection level.
  • 9
    Hoisting Height Limiter
    Double limits, free adjustment, multi-point control, broad regulation range, high limits accuracy, therefore it has the same service life as crane.
  • 10
    Safety Monitor(Optional)
    Digitized real time monitor, automatic alarm recording, humanity operation interface.


European electric wire rope hoists are designed and manufactured according to international standards, or special local standard according to client special requirement, then it can meet different requirements from global market and get wide range of accreditation. It can bring more quality service for global clients and win the trust and support from them.

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