Crane Upgrading

Crane Upgrading and Refurbishment

DEJUNCRANES has rich experience in the upgrade and refurbishment of cranes to meet your needs. If you are not sure your industrial crane needs upgrade, DEJUNCRANES engineer can help you to evaluate your crane current condition, and give you relevant suggestion according to your overhead crane or gantry crane.

Before the refurbishment of the crane, it shall be tested in accordance with the relevant national standards and regulations, and the transformation and construction plan shall be formulated accordingly. Maintenance, modification and replacement of the crane running part, electric part, lifting part, mechanical part, metal part, main beam lengthening and other structures. The modified crane should meet the relevant national standards for normal use, and should be safe and reliable, and can improve work efficiency.

Crane Upgrading Advantages

Maybe you want to extend your crane service life,or you are considering replacing the old crane with lower cost,or crane key spare parts reach their service life,or the maintenance cost of your cranes is too high, or the crane statutory requirements in your country have changed, or the current crane can’t meet the growing production of your factory, or the current crane cannot be used in your new product,there’s a cost-effective and time-saving solution, that is, upgrade your crane. Crane upgrading advantages are as follows:

  • Extend crane service life

    Crane upgrading can extend crane service life by improving crane performance such as crane speed, lifting capacity, crane controlling system,electrical system,crane safety features through the replacement of hoists, trolleys, operator cabs and controls etc.

  • Cost-effective and Time-saving Crane Solution

    Crane upgrading is a cost-effective and time-saving solution than buying a new one if you want to replace your old crane. DEJUNCRANEES can improve your crane safety, reliability, performance and meet the demands of latest high-technology standards with lower price and less time.In addition, we provide you guaranteed and fast crane spare parts supply.

  • Increase crane productivity and reliability

    Crane upgrading can ensure the stable crane operation and reduce the risk of downtime, injuries or damage to facilities, materials or products. According to your crane conditions and its application situations, DEJUNCRANES will study the crane structural integrity, mechanical and electrical components, load requirements, and maintenance records, and then we will recommend you the optimal upgrade plan. Experienced crane manufacturer gives your crane long-term operating reliability.

  • Improve safety

    Safety is always the top priority in production process. Crane upgrading can increase your crane safety and operator safety and help you comply with current safety regulations.

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