Seamless Sliding Wire

Jointless sliding wire, one type of lifting equipement busbar system, is also called: jointless safety sliding wire, safety sliding wire, three in one safety sliding wire, four in one safety sliding wire, six in one safety sliding wire, three in one jointless sliding wire, four in one jointless sliding wire, six in one jointless sliding wire.

Product Introduction

Seamless slide wire is produced by advanced technology. 3-pole, 4-pole and 6-pole jointless sliding contact wire has the advantages of never power-off, power supply transmitted by oxygen free copper, voltage drop force, double conductivity, good contact, convenient installation, not easy to wear, convenient replacement, more convenient transportation, not easy to cause damage to slid wire and prolong service life.

Seamless slide wire system consists of jointless slide wire, collector and tension device.
Seamless slide wire system

Technical Data

Seamless Sliding Wire
Model unit Specification
3-pole 6
3-pole 10
3-pole 16
3-pole 25
4-pole 6.5
4-pole 10
4-pole 16
4-pole 25
4-pole 35
6-pole 10
6-pole 16
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Seamless sliding wire is mainly used in various lifting and transportation machinery, production lines and other mobile power supply facilities and places, such as crane, loading and unloading bridge, electric hoist, three-dimensional warehouse, amusement equipment, air conditioning detection line, etc. It is widely used in lifting and transportation, electric power, shipbuilding, port, metallurgy, mining, water works, environmental protection, chemical industry, amusement and many other industries.


  • 1
    The seamleass slid wire adopts jointless installation, which is simple, time-saving and small space.
  • 2
    Seamlesss slid wire made of special material, stable operation, fast speed, low noise.
  • 3
    The minimum bending radius of jointless slid wire is 750mm.


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