Rigid Combination KBK Crane

Lifting Capacity: 125kg to 5000kg
Max. distance between lifting points 9m
Driving Pulley: MC nylon pulley, pulley finish turning

Product Introduction

Rigid combined KBK crane is installed independently on the ground without additional support. According to the specific production needs, the extended load can reach 2000kg, and the span can reach 10m or more. It has track and trolley design. Modular design is malleable. It can be operated by light and manual operation. Precise positioning reduces the labor intensity of workers.

Rigid combined KBK crane

Technical Data

Capacity kg 125~5000
Max girder length m 10
Max distance between lifting points m 9
C-type track material Q235B~Q345B
Driving Pulley MC nylon pulley, pulley finish turning
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Rigid combined KBK crane system is widely used in various industries such as automobile industry, shipbuilding industry, electronic assembly, food processing, machinery manufacturing, warehouse, etc., covering all kinds of material lifting and handling occasions from production and processing, assembly to maintenance services and warehouses. It is especially suitable for use on production lines with dense equipment, short-distance lifting and frequent operations.


  • 1
    The closed track design can effectively prevent dust from entering, thereby reducing the wear of the trolley wheels and extending the service life.
  • 2
    The 2° inclined surface design can effectively ensure that the trolley is in the center of the track and minimize the resistance of the pulley.
  • 3
    The track is formed by cold rolling at one time, no welding, and high strength.
  • 4
    Light weight, effectively reducing the pressure on structural support, while greatly reducing costs.
  • 5
    Multi-series track selection, you can choose the most suitable product, minimize waste and save cost.


According to your special needs, we can provide many optional features, such as higher lifting height, different lifting speed, adapting different girder type, customized hook, anti-sway, dual-brake ,load display and so on.

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