Diesel Winch

Type Diesel winch
Capacity 0.5 tons-10 tons(customized)
Pulling speed 4- 8m/min(customized)
Rated Traction 15-650KN
Applications It is used for pole assembly, tower erection and tight line operation in line construction, and it is suitable for use in the field without power supply.

Product Introduction

Diesel winches are slow speed winches and are widely used. It can be hoisted in a construction company or used as a traction force in a factory or mine installation. It can be used alone or in conjunction with other large machinery. It has become an indispensable machine for ports or construction sites.

Diesel winch

Technical Data

Diesel Winch
Rated Tension kn 10~650
Average Rope Speed m/min 8~16
Rope Capacity m 100~3600
Wire Rope Diameter mm 9.3~65
Engine Power kw 3~160
Weight kg 270~46000
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Diesel winch is suitable for ports, construction industry or others.


  • 1
    Suitable for workplaces without power supply.
  • 2
    Small size and compact structure.
  • 3
    Light weight, can be moved at any time to change the work site.
  • 4
    Safe and reliable, with interlock braking device, emergency braking.
  • 5
    Simple operation.
  • 6
    It can be lifted vertically and towed horizontally.


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