Double Girder Overhead Crane with Winch Trolley

Capacity 3 ton -800 ton
Span 5m-60m
Applications QD series crane is widely used for loading, unloading and handling of ordinary heavy objects, and can also be equipped with a variety of special spreaders for special operations. It is equipped with rainproof equipment when used in the open air.

Product Introduction

QD series double girder overhead cranes are currently widely used hoisting machinery. They can load, unload and transport materials and equipment in an intermittent and repetitive manner in a general operating environment. The load handling devices are divided into hooks, grabs, electromagnetic chucks, etc., to meet user needs to lift multiple types of materials.

QD series double girder overhead crane drawing

Technical Data

QD Series Double Girder Overhead Crane
Working Class A5~A8
Capacity t 3~800
Span m 5~60
Lifting Height m 3~100
Lifting Speed m/min 6~15.6,Single or Dual Speed
Trolley Travelling Speed m/min 20~44.6,Single or VFD
Crane Travelling Speed m/min 40~125,Single or VFD
Control Method Ground or Cab Control
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3 Phase  or Customized
Temperature -20~60
Protection Grade IP54~65
Optional Spreader Hook, Grab, Electromagnet, Hanging Beam, C-hook, Lifting Tong. etc.
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


QD series bridge cranes are used in warehousing and logistics, precision machining, metal manufacturing, wind power, automobile manufacturing, rail transit, and construction machinery.


  • 1
    The bridge frame adopts a box-shaped main beam, which is automatically submerged arc welding.
  • 2
    The open winch trolley is conductive with a new I-steel track cable conductive device, which is safe and reliable, and has a grounding protection function, and is equipped with a phase loss protection function.
  • 3
    The connection between the main beam and the end beam meets the mechanical tolerances, minimizing the degree of wear.
  • 4
    The lifting mechanism can also be equipped with a second set of safety devices according to requirements to increase reliability.
  • 5
    Standardization, serialization and generalization of parts and components.
  • 6
    The handle line can be connected to the trolley, or it can move freely on the main beam alone.
  • 7
    The double beam overhead crane can make full use of the space under the bridge to lift materials, and maximize the lifting height without being hindered by ground equipment.
  • 8
    All steel plates of the crane are pre-processed by shot blasting to achieve Sa2.5 standardization.
  • 9
    Carefully check and clean the steel plate before welding, usually by automatic welding machine (MIG or semi-automatic welding), and the main welds are all subjected to non-destructive testing.
  • 10
    The end beam is welded and formed by rectangular steel pipe or steel plate, and the formed end beam is positioned and processed on the CNC machine tool at one time to achieve the allowable deviation range to ensure national dimensional accuracy and fit tolerance.
  • 11
    Each end beam is equipped with wheels with double rims, buffers and derailment protection devices.
  • 12
    The double-beam crane is equipped with a maintenance platform (maintenance walkway) on the driving side of the crane long travel along the main beam direction.
  • 13
    The main beam and end beam are connected by high-strength bolts to ensure the accuracy and smooth operation of the whole machine.
  • 14
    According to the frequency of use, it is divided into four working levels: A5, A6, A7, and A8.
  • 15
    The double-beam bridge crane has the characteristics of light weight, large load and strong wind resistance.
  • 16
    The hoisting mechanism is an electric winch trolley, and the speed of the whole crane can also be equipped with a frequency converter to achieve stepless speed.
  • 17
    Usually double-beam bridge cranes are added with overload limiters, large-screen displays and various protection devices, which further increase the safety during use
  • 18
    Double-beam overhead cranes generally adopt the cabin control method, which is different from other cranes. The control method of the operator's cab can fundamentally increase the speed of the crane, thereby further improving work efficiency.


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