Wall Travelling Jib Crane

Type BB
Capacity 0.5 tons-5 tons (customized)
Lifting height 3 m-100 m (customized)
working class A3, A4, A5
Applications Warehouse, workshop of machine manufacturing and assembling, etc.

Product Introduction

Wall mounted traveling jib crane is a special jib crane used in machining workshops. It can travel along the wall or other supporting structure of the elevated track installed in the multi-level assembly workshop, and make full use of the working space. The working area can cover the entire plant.
Wall mounted traveling jib crane makes full use of the workshop space and is flexible in operation. The crane can be customized and the size of the track can be designed according to customer requirements.
It can be used with chain hoists and wire rope hoists.

Wall mounted traveling jib crane

Technical Data

Wall Travelling Jib Crane
Working Class A3,A4,A5
Capacity t 0.5~5
Arm Length m 1~8
Lifting Height m 3~100
Lifting Speed m/min 0.33~8, Single or Dual Speed
Trolley Travelling Speed m/min 2~30, Single or Dual Speed
Power Supply 380V 50HZ 3PHASE or Customized
Temperature -20~60
Protection Grade IP44~65
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Wall mounted traveling jib crane is used in the automotive industry and manufacturing industry.


  • 1
    Consists of arm, hoist, and electrical system, the steel structure is Q235B or Q345B.
  • 2
    Installed on the wall of the workshop, traveling along the workshop.
  • 3
    Need 3 sets of traveling rails.
  • 4
    Save space, can be customized according to the size of the plant.
  • 5
    Novel structure, simple and easy to install.
  • 6
    Light weight and compact structure.
  • 7
    Equipped with overload limiter, lifting limiter and running limiter.
  • 8
    Remote control or pendent with cable control, with emergency stop button.
  • 9
    It can be installed as required by the customer, and the speed is designed as double speed or variable frequency speed.
  • 10
    The same traveling rail can be installed with several sets of crane.


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