Trolley Type Air Hoist

Lifting Capacity 50~32000kg
Lifting Height 3m or customized
Application Trolley type air hoist is suitable for various working environments such as pollution, corrosion, toxic, flammable, explosive, etc. It is widely used in coal mine, petroleum, chemical fiber, chemical, textile, machinery manufacturing, metallurgy, medicine and other fields.

Product Introduction

Trolley type air hoist is composed of three parts in total: lifting mechanism; traveling mechanism and air distribution system.
The lifting mechanism includes a pneumatic motor, a planetary reducer, a hanging assembly, a brake, a lifting chain, a hook assembly and a main control valve. The lifting mechanism realizes the lifting and lowering of the lifting weight by controlling the main control valve, and achieves the lifting and lowering positioning brake by opening and closing the brake.
The pneumatic hoist traveling mechanism adopts a pneumatic traveling trolley, which is composed of active wheels, passive wheels, and wall panels. The main control valve controls the pneumatic motor and the planetary reducer to drive the active wheels to move to realize the horizontal movement of the lifting weight.
The air distribution system uses compressed air as the power source to control the lifting and traveling of the air hoist.

Trolley type air hoist

Technical Data

Trolley Type Air Hoist
Working Class M3
Capacity kg 50~32000
Lifting Height m 3,or customized
Control Method Pendent Control
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.

Explosion-proof principle

Pneumatic hoist uses clean compressed air as a power source to drive the motor to drive the internal mechanical parts to meet the working requirements of lifting heavy objects. It does not require power supply and does not generate electric sparks when in use, so it is explosion-proof and safe. In addition to explosion-proof operation, pneumatic hoists are driven by clean air sources and have a fast lifting speed. They are also environmentally friendly, pollution-free and efficient lifting tool equipment. Dejun Cranes pneumatic hoist, founded in 1980, and have successively obtained CE certification and ISO certification, with safe and reliable quality. The lifting capacity range is from 50 kg to 32000 kg, and larger tonnage can be also customized according to your actual needs.


Due to its good explosion-proof performance, trolley air hoists are widely used in flammable, explosive, high-temperature, high-dust, and highly corrosive workplaces in industrialized countries abroad, such as chemicals, textiles, painting, logistics, and docks.


  • 1
    Suitable for complex and dangerous environments
  • 2
    Smooth operation, low impact, and strong load-bearing capacity
  • 3
    Stepless speed regulation, accurate positioning
  • 4
    Overload protection, gas break protection
  • 5
    Having automatic braking devices to ensure be safe and reliable
  • 6
    Low failure rate and long service life
  • 7
    Lightweight and flexible to be convenient to carry and move
  • 8
    Easy to operate, easy to maintain
  • 9
    Energy saving and environmental protection

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