Single Pole Sliding Wire

The single pole sliding wire, as one type of conductor bar systems (also buss bars), is a power supply system that feeds the mobile mechanical equipment. The conductor is aluminum alloy profile, and its outer sheath is made of special PVC material, which can prevent rain, dust, snow and electric shock.

Product Introduction

Single pole sliding wire has simple structure and convenient installation and maintenance, which is widely used in the power supply line of mobile equipment such as mine, metallurgy, chemical industry, machinery, wharf, freight yard, etc.

Single pole sliding wire

Technical Data

Single pole Sliding Wire
Core material Aluminum, copper
Sectional area mm² 60~2100
Cross section current A 100~3000
Bracket distance m 1.5~2
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Single pole sliding wire is mainly used in various lifting and transportation machinery, production lines and other mobile power supply facilities and places, such as crane, loading and unloading bridge, electric hoist, three-dimensional warehouse, amusement equipment, air conditioning detection line, etc.It is widely used in lifting and transportation, electric power, shipbuilding, port, metallurgy, mining, water works, environmental protection, chemical industry, amusement and many other industries.


  • 1
    It is safe and reliable, even if it is touched by fingers, there is no risk of electric shock, which conforms to IP23 standard.
  • 2
    Energy saving and consumption reduction, using special formula aluminum alloy profile as conductor; low resistance, can reduce the power loss to the greatest extent.
  • 3
    Sheath and accessories are common.
  • 4
    The products meet the Chinese Jb6391.1-92 and JB6391.2-92 standards.
  • 5
    Long service life, conductor sheath also adopts unique formula, which greatly extends the service life of monopole sliding wire system.
  • 6
    Combined design, easy to install and maintain, especially suitable for high altitude operation.
  • 7
    The collector can move in three-dimensional space to meet the uninterrupted power supply of power supply equipment; the double insulation design makes the work more safe and reliable.
  • 8
    New materials, new technologies and new processes ensure that the products have higher corrosion resistance, acid resistance, weather resistance and working temperature range, and the working performance is more safe and reliable.


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