Portable Gantry Crane

Type Portable gantry crane
Capacity 0.5 tons-10 tons(customized)
Lifting height 1m-6m(customized)
Working class A3,A4
Applications widely used in Flat, warehouse, logistics center, production workshop, laboratory, clean room, etc.

Product Introduction

Portable gantry crane, also known as mobile gantry crane, small gantry crane, simple gantry crane, is a mobile light lifting equipment used for loading and unloading and transporting materials in warehouses.
Portable gantry crane is used together with electric wire rope hoist and chain hoist, which can reduce manpower, reduce production costs and improve work efficiency.
The single girder gantry crane is used together with the electric wire rope hoist, which runs on the main beam. Generally, the lifting weight is 1-10 ton, the span is 2.5-6 m, and the working temperature is -20-40 degrees.

Portable gantry crane drawing

Technical Data

Portable Gantry Crane
Working Class A3,A4
Capacity t 0.5~10
Span m 2~10
Lifting Height m 1~6
Lifting Mechanism Hand Hoist,Electric Hoist
Control Method Ground Control
Temperature -20~60
Material Stainless Steel, Aluminum Alloy, Carbon Steel
The above are standard parameters, and customized solutions and designs are provided according to your actual needs.


Portable gantry crane is suitable for oil and gas industry, energy industry, paper industry,automobile industry and manufacturing industry ect.


  • 1
    Portable gantry crane is modular design, convenient for disassembly and installation, saving installation time and cost.
  • 2
    All steel structures adopt standard welding methods.
  • 3
    All nuts, bolts and pins can be electroplated according to customer needs to prevent corrosion.
  • 4
    No track or concrete foundation is needed, saving cost.
  • 5
    Light structure and simple maintenance.
  • 6
    The wheel of portable gantry cane is a universal wheel made of polyurethane material, which rotates 360 degrees and moves in all directions. Wear resistance and long service life.
  • 7
    The wheels are equipped with a fixed anti-skid device to prevent random movement on the ground and ensure the safe operation of the simple door machine.
  • 8
    Fast assembly speed, small size and light weight.
  • 9
    Portable gantry crane can be equipped with chain hoist and wire rope hoist.
  • 10
    It can be designed for electric and manual traveling , simple and safe operation.
  • 11
    The lifting height of the portable gantry crane can be designed to be adjustable according to customer needs.
  • 12
    Operational safety
  • 13
    The control method is: pendent with cable and remote control.


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