5 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist with Galvanized Chain for Qatar Customer

2021-05-19 15:46:47

5 ton fixed type electric chain hoist with galvanized chain falls for sale Qatar for underwater use, high safety & durability. Get your electric chain hoist at good hoist price. Our Qatar customer use this chain hoist to drop and collect items from underwater (Sea). After learning our customer’s working conditions, we quoted for him 5 ton electric chain hoist with galvanized chain. Check the 5 ton fixed type electric chain hoist case to learn more hoist knowledge.

fixed chain hoist qatar

5 Ton Single Speed Electric Chain Hoist Specification


  • Lifting Capacity of Electric Chain Hoist : 5 Ton
  • Lifting Height of Electric Chain Hoist : 10m
  • Voltage of Electric Chain Hoist : 220V 50HZ 1Phase

This is the basisc parameter of the 5 ton fixed type electric chain hoist for  Qatar customer for your reference. If you need customized electric chain hoists, please feel free to contact us or contact Ruby directly. Email: ruby@dejunindustry.com, Whatsapp/Wechat/Cell Phone Number is +8618838159757.

Whole Heart Services to Provide Customized Solution

“Dear Sir/Madam,

I am looking for a GOOD quality 5t Electric hoist (fixed type with hook) that has a 10m length ofss316 chain.

This hoist will be used to drop and collect items from underwater (Sea)

Please quote the price including air freight Hamad International Airport including the production and delivery time.”

Our customer sent us this hoist inquiry on 2019, after I sent him quotation, I have never received his reply.

Until April of this year, our customer asked me to update the price,he emailed:

“Dear friend,

Hope this email finds you well.

Earlier in 2019 we asked for a quotation for fixed electric chain hoist and attached your earlier quotation.

Can you please send me an updated quotation for the same specification with air freight to Hamad International Airport – Doha, Qatar”

Due to the epidemic, the current air freight price has risen a lot compared with the price in 2019. Under the premise that the customer is not in a hurry to use, we suggest the customer to use sea freight, which is much cheaper than air freight, and the customer accepted this advice.

Then our customer told us the customs clearance documents that they need.

“Dear Ruby,

Apology for getting back to you a bit. I had a crazy busy day today and yesterday.

I confirm the order so please proceed with sending me the *** payment portal…”

5 ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist Production and Packaging

After 10 days production, this customized 5 ton single speed fixed type electric chain hoist was finished, then we sent the finished hoist pictures of 5 ton electric chain hoist to our customers for checking.

5 ton electric chain hoist qatar package

5 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist Packaging

Maintenance Skill Tips for Electric Chain Hoist

Electric chain hoist has the characteristics of advanced structure performance, small size, light weight, reliable performance and convenient operation. It is very convenient for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading, repairing equipment, and lifting goods. It can also be installed on suspended I-beams and curves. Lift heavy objects on rails, cantilever guides and fixed lifting points. The maintenance skills of electric chain hoist are as follows:

5 ton electric chain hoist with hoist trolly

Electric Chain Hoist with Trolley

  • 1. The electric hoist that is newly installed or installed after disassembly and inspection should first be tested for several times in empty. But before the installation is complete, do not power on and test run.
  • 2. The electric chain hoist should undergo a static load test of about 100 mm from the ground at 125% of the rated load for 10 minutes before normal use, and check whether it is normal.
  • 3. The dynamic load test is to perform repeated lifting and moving left and right tests with the rated load weight. After the test, check whether the mechanical transmission part, the electrical part and the connection part are normal and reliable.
  • 4. During use, it is forbidden to use it in an environment that is not allowed, and when it exceeds the rated load and the rated number of closings per hour 120 times.
  • 5. When adjusting the braking sliding amount of the electric chain hoist, it should be ensured that the braking sliding amount S≤V/100 under the rated load (V is the stable lifting distance within the next minute of the load).
  • 6. The electric hoist must be inspected regularly by special personnel during use, and measures should be taken in time when the fault is found, and carefully recorded.
  • 7. It is not allowed to press two flashlight door buttons that make the electric chain hoist move in opposite directions at the same time.
  • 8.After the work is completed, the main switch of the power supply must be opened to cut off the power supply.

Dejun Crane can customize the electric chain hoist according to your working condition and requirements. If you have need about the electric chain hoist, please contact us freely or contact Ruby directly. Email: ruby@dejunindustry.com, Whatsapp/Wechat/Cell Phone Number is +8618838159757.

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