C-Hook for Lifting Cold Roll Coil

2021-11-30 16:38:45

Crane hook block is the most widely used pick-up device in lifting equipment. Hook block is divided into hook and pulley block. As the main part of lifting system, hook block needs to work with wire rope or chain. Crane hook block is mainly used for factories, mines, petroleum, chemical and ship terminals, etc.

C -type hook is one of the types of hooks. It is mainly used for horizontal lifting of coils. Because its shape resembles the literal c, it is called c-type hook. The lifting and installation process, the structure is simple and reasonable, the action is flexible, the use is convenient, and the lifting is reliable. The following picture and drawing of the C-hook for your reference.

C hook


c hook drawing


Main structure:

  • The main structure of C-hook is composed of hook body and counterweight iron:
  • Hook body: The main part of the c-shaped hook is spliced by steel plate (high-quality low-alloy steel) and steel pipe. The cross-section is a box-shaped structure, which has good resistance to bending and torsion. The spreader is light in weight and has a long service life. .
  • Counterweight iron: play a role in adjusting the balance of the spreader, so that the hook and the suspended object are in a line

Daily maintenance:

  • C-type hooks are not allowed to be stored in high temperature areas.
  • The used c-type hook must be placed on a special shelf, stored in a ventilated, dry, and clean workshop, and kept by a dedicated person.
  • The surface of the c-type hook should be protected against rust frequently, and it is not allowed to store it in acid, alkali, salt, chemical gas and humid environment.
  • Regularly clean the rotating parts and regularly apply lubricating oil to prevent dry friction and jamming.

Specifications before quotation:

  • Which crane will the C-hook used with? And it’s lifting capacity___ton?
  • What goods will the C-hook lift? Take cold rolled coil as an example
  • Inner diameter of cold rolled coil?
  • Cold rolled coil outer diameter
  • Width of the cold rolled coil
  • The maximum weight of a single cold rolled coil?

C Hook Main Parameters

The data in the following table is for reference only. The parameters such as width, inner diameter, outer diameter, ambient temperature and on-site use status can be provided by the user according to the actual situation on site. The drawings are provided by the company and confirmed by the user. For each type C spreader, the corresponding shelf can be equipped as needed.

 C hook specifications

C-hook specifications for reference

C-type hook scrap standard:

The hook should be scrapped when one of the following situations occurs:

  • Crack
  • Dangerous section wear reaches 10% of the original size;
  • The opening degree is increased by 15% compared to the original size;
  • The torsion deformation of the hook body exceeds 10°;
  • Plastic deformation of the dangerous section of the c-shaped hook or the neck of the hook;
  • The hook thread is corroded;
  • When the blade hook bushing wears up to 50% of the original size, the bushing should be replaced;
  • When the blade hook mandrel wears up to 5% of the original size, the mandrel should be replaced.

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