Grease Your Overhead Crane Correctly- Overhead Crane Grease Common Sense

2021-11-01 11:32:54

After crane arrived at customer’s site, many clients don’t know which grease is suitable for their overhead cranes and how to install the electric double beam overhead cranes. So i list the common sense, please check below:

 Commonly used greases for overhead cranes and applications in different scenarios:

Calcium-based grease has five grades, the color ranges from light yellow to dark brown, the code is ZG, and the dropping point is 75-95°C.

  •    No. 1 calcium-based grease is suitable for working at low temperatures below 55 degrees, suitable for bearings of automatic grease feeding systems and small mechanical lubricants in areas with low temperatures.
  •    No. 2 calcium-based grease is suitable for small and medium-sized rolling bearings, metallurgy, transportation, and mining equipment with light loads and high-speed machinery friction parts with a temperature not higher than 55°C.
  •    No. 3 calcium base grease is suitable for medium-sized motor rolling bearings, generators and other friction parts with medium load and medium speed under 60 degrees.
  •    No. 4 calcium base grease is suitable for automobiles, water pump bearings, bearings of heavy-duty automatic machinery, generators, textile machines and other machinery with heavy loads and low speeds below 60 degrees.
  •    No. 5 calcium-based grease is the same as No. 4 but is suitable for higher temperature conditions.

Grease your overhead crane correctly

Overhead crane sodium-based grease has three grades, the color is from dark yellow to dark brown, and the code is ZN, and the dropping point from 140-150 degrees.

  •    No. 2 sodium-based grease is suitable for the lubrication of tractors, industrial equipment and other friction intersections at temperatures not higher than 110 degrees.
  •    No. 3 sodium base grease is the same as 2.
  •    No. 4 sodium base grease is suitable for equipment below 120 degrees.
  •   Sodium-based grease can also be temporarily made into lubricating oil.

Calcium-sodium-based grease has two grades, the color ranges from yellow to dark brown, the code is ZGN, and the dropping point is 120-135 degrees, namely: ZGN-1 and ZGN-2, commonly known as bearing grease, which is resistant to solvents and water, and the upper limitation of the working temperature can reach 80-100 degrees. It is used for the lubrication of high temperature bearings such as railway locomotives, trains, small motors, generators and rolling bearings. It is not suitable for low temperature work.

Grease your overhead crane corretly

Here are the installation information of electric double beam overhead cranes for all clients:

1, Electric double beam overhead crane bridge assembly.

Bolts will be used to connect the middle of the two ends of the beam into one, the main size deviation of the assembled beam to meet the following requirements: The span deviation value should be within ±5mm, the two main beams should have the upper arch value (1~ 1.4S /1000mm), the side bend of the two main beams should not exceed S/2000mm, the bridge diagonal difference D1~D2 is not more than 10mm, when lifting the bridge, it is strictly prohibited to bind the platform or any mechanical parts, when tying the main beam or end beam, the steel wire rope should use pads.

2, Electric double beam overhead cranes trolley installation.

The trolley is placed on the beam track, which should ensure that the drive wheel of double beam crane trolley is in contact with the track surface in the full length of the track, the gap between the passive wheel and the track shall not exceed 1mm, the gap area is not more than 1m, and the cumulative length between the gap area shall not exceed 2m.

Lubricate your overhead crane durting installation

3, Electric double beam overhead crane control room installation.

According to the relevant size and technical requirements on the drawing, install the control room, to the wire block, the conductive rail, etc.

4,Electric double beam overhead crane wire rope winding.

From the wire rope winding direction of the trolley general drawing, it can be seen that it bypasses the movable pulley on the hook and the fixed pulley on the frame and is fixed at both ends of the drum. When the lifting mechanism is lowered to the lower limit, there are many places where the wire rope is fixed on the drum at three laps.

5.Connect the electrical of electric double beam overhead crane, test and commissioning

Based on the wiring drawing, connect the circuit and each containing device.

Then do the test and commissioning.

Actually the overhead crane information is so many. As top three crane manufacturer, DEJUN focus to provide best quality with best price to help client to use the crane to improve their working.  Please remember DEJUN crane and your side will be always been updated. If you have any question or doubt, please feel free  to contact Doris by email to

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