Performance Tests of Electric Hoists Before Leave Factory

2021-10-14 14:53:23

Electric hoists are mainly divided into electric chain hoist, wire rope electric hoist (explosion-proof hoist), anti-corrosion electric hoist, double drum electric hoist, hoist, miniature electric hoist, group hoist electric hoist, and multifunctional hoist. All  of these types of electric hoists will be tested before delivery to ensure the electric hoist quality and safety.

Electric hoist tests

In order to ensure the safety and characteristics of the electric hoist, and to ensure the benefits of customers, all of our wire rope electric hoists will undergo series of tests and inspections which are including the the following:

General inspection, no-load test, rated load test, pressure reduction  and boosting test, measuring brake sliding testing,   lifting speed test, measuring the noise of the lifting mechanism, dynamic load test, overloading  test, safety brake test, etc.

The overall performance of the electric hoist is inspected through the lifting and lowering of the loads continuously.

Requirements of electric hoist test

The main tests requirements of electric hoists are presented for your reference:

1: The detection loads shall not be less than 1.25 times of the rated load

2: The detection lifting height is not less than 30cm

3: The detection load current shall not be greater than 1.68A

4: Detect small motors to ensure 300v low-voltage startup, large motors ensure 280V, low-voltage startup

5: Detect the whole machine with low load noise. The motor noise should not be greater than 85dB, and the large motor noise should not be greater than 65dB.

6: Detect the verticality of the chain and the length of the chain (the length shall be implemented according to the relevant requirements in the production order)

7: Check whether the appearance is clean or tidy, to make sure the overall  appearance of electric hoist is beautiful with no damage, and in order, etc.

We are the manufacture and have more than 34 years experiences in the field of electric hoist fabrication and installation, so we are confident all the electric hoists we provided have undergone the required tests and inspections which can ensure the top quality and safety of electric hoists. More information, about electric hoists and electric hoist tests, please feel free to contact us.

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