3 Ton and 5 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoists for Iraq Customer

2022-04-18 17:49:52

1 set 3-ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist and 1 set 5 ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist for Iraq Customer. After learning our customer’s requirements, we quoted for him 3 ton and 5 ton fixed type electric chain hoists. We are very glad to share the 3-ton & 5-ton fixed type electric chain hoists case to help you learn more hoist knowledge.

3 ton electric chain hoist

3 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist

5 ton electric chain hoist

5 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist

3 Ton & 5 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist for Iraq Customer

3 Ton & 5 Ton Single Speed Electric Chain Hoist Specification

Lifting capacity: 3 ton & 5 ton

Lifting height: 5 m

Voltage: 380V 50HZ 3Phase

We got our customer hoist inquiry on Alibaba, after communicating with our customer, our customer sent us the detailed requirements below:

“Kindly checking our final requirement of electric chain hoists which is as follows:-
3 phase electric chain hoist

1- Capacity Range /one set 3 Ton, one set 5 Ton
2- Standard Voltage/ 3PH 380V 50Hz
3- Control Voltage /   24V or your standard voltage
4- Duty Cycle / Single Speed
5- Classification / ISO M5
6- Conformance / UL 1340
7- Ratings / IP 55
8- Upper/Lower Limit Switch – Overwinding / over lifting device
9- Chain Falls – Single or double chain fall
10- Standard Lift 5 meter
11- Standard Pendant Drop 3 meter less than lift
12- Standard Power Supply Length 5 meter
13- Mounting, hook type
14- Standard Pendants, Single speed: 2-button
15- Chain Containers, Canvas
16- Heavy duty type.” 

But the European type electric chain hoist just can reach 2 ton lifting capacity, after introducing the chain hoist parameters and our customer accepted our normal fixed type chain hoist.

After receiving our customer’s payment, we started to arrange the hoist production immediately.

3 ton & 5 ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist Production and Packaging

After 10 days of production, this 3 ton and 5 ton single speed fixed type electric chain hoists were finished, then we sent the finished hoist pictures of 3 ton and 5 ton electric chain hoists to our customer for checking.

3 ton & 5 ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist Production and Packaging

3 Ton & 5 Ton Fixed Type Electric Chain Hoist Packaging

The solution to the slippage of the electric chain hoist transmission chain

There are many reasons for the slippage of electric chain hoists. Here are the three most common ones:

1.The chain hoist stops after descending a certain distance under a no-load operation. It may be that the brake pads in the brake disc are damaged. The actual effect of the damaged brake is not very good, and the brake disc must be replaced. Brake discs are consumable parts, like tires, which must be replaced after a while. Usually, the newly purchased chain hoist must be adjusted before and after 6 months of use. Maintain the condition of the brake disc and replace it if damaged.

2.When the hoist is hoisted, the chain is lowered downward, also known as the jumping chain, and there is a sound of internal gear friction. Usually in this situation, we will identify the damage of the guide iron sheet caused by the damage of the drive chain or the drop caused by the damage of the sprocket chain. It is recommended to check the drive chain and sprocket chain immediately, and it must be replaced if necessary.

3.Some customers will find that the electric chain hoist falls under the condition of lifting weight, but does not fall under no-load condition. This situation is usually caused by the damage to the brake pads, and the brake pads must be detected immediately.

How to maintain the electric chain hoist?

(1) The gear has been in operation for 500 hours, and it is necessary to check whether the amount of lubricating oil is sufficient. After that, check the lubricating oil condition regularly every three months.

(2) Always keep the parts of the electric chain hoist dry, and it is strictly forbidden to abuse the equipment so as not to affect the durability of the machine.

(3) If the electric chain hoist needs to be operated outdoors, please install protective devices.

DeJunCranes can customize the electric chain hoist according to your working condition and requirements. No matter you want fast speed or slow speed, single speed or double speed. If you need the fixed type electric chain hoist, please contact us freely.

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