1 Ton Manual Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist for Malaysia Customer

2021-07-20 15:21:19

2 set 1 ton Manual Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist for Malaysia Customer. Our Malaysia customer use these chain hoists to replace his factory’s old hoists. After communicating with our customer, we quoted for him 1 ton-2m manual trolley electric chain hoist and 1ton-6m manual trolley electric chain hoist. Check the 1 ton manual trolley type electric chain hoist case to learn more hoist knowledge.

electric chain hoist

1  Ton Electric Chain  Hoist and 1  Ton  Manual Trolley

Customer Old Chain Hoist

Customer Old Chain Hoist

1 Ton Manual Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist for Malaysia Customer

2 sets 1 Ton Manual Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist Specification

Our customer sent me this hoist inquiry of wire rope hoist firstly, after communicating with our customer the basic parameters, we quoted him 1 ton electric wire rope hoist.

After the customer checked the quotation I sent, he sent me the pictures of the hoist they are currently using. And we confirmed with the requirements in detail whether the customer has any requirements for speed and other aspects, and after getting the customer’s response, we finally gave the customer a quote for the manual trolley type electric chain hoist, and our customer was very satisfied with our chain hoist products and price.

Then our customer told us the customs clearance documents that they need and confirm the consignee information.

1 ton Manual Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist Production and Packaging

After 10 days production, these customized 1 ton manual trolley type electric chain hoist were finished, then we sent the finished hoist pictures of 1 ton electric chain hoists to our customers forchecking.

chain hoist package

1  Ton Manual Trolley Type Electric Chain Hoist Packaging

Electric Chain Hoist Applicable Scale

Electric chain hoist has the characteristics of advanced structure performance, small size, light weight, reliable performance and convenient operation. It is very convenient for lifting heavy objects, loading and unloading work, repairing equipment, and lifting goods. It can also be installed on suspended I-beams and curves. Lift heavy objects on rails, cantilever guides and fixed lifting points.

Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain Hoist

The chain hoist can choose manual operation or semi-automatic operation, and even indoor operation or wireless remote control operation. In general, its operation is very simple, so no matter where it is, you can use this product. For this reason, in the scale of application, it is more suitable for use in large factories, warehouses, logistics, and docks. Although its lifting weight is small, it does not mean that it has greater limitations. At least for objects other than the weight scale, it can be lifted and transferred, which greatly facilitates manufacturers and merchants. In particular, in some harsh environments, the chain hoist can also be used. In addition to being a fixed suspension, it can also be used with a matching trolley for walking. Such a characteristic makes its application scale more and more extensive.

In addition to being used in industrialized places such as factories, it can also be used in shopping malls, transferring goods, or when goods are put on shelves. Even after proper renovation, it can be used in some special places. This is one of the characteristics that other gourds do not have. The use of chain hoists can also greatly improve work efficiency. It is indeed a high-quality lifting equipment.

Dejun Crane can customize the chain hoist according to your working condition and requirements. We not only can supply electric trolley electric chain hoist but also manual trolley type electric chain hoist, and we also supply manual chain hoist, so if you have need about the chain hoist, please contact us freely, we will supply you the most suitable chain hoist.

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